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The signald client protocol can document itself in JSON format. The actual data structure of the documentation is not documented at this time.

There are a few ways to get the protocol documentation from signald:

  • signaldctl protocol: man page
  • through the client socket: {"type": "protocol", "version": "v1"}
    • the only request type NOT included in the protocol document itself. The response type is the protocol document.
  • by starting signald with a special flag: signald --dump-protocol > protocol.json

Additionally, the latest version of the protocol document can be downloaded from


some things that are known to use the protocol documentation:

  • Parts of this site are generated. See generate.go, which creates the markdown files for the protocol data. The final result can be found in the sidebar, under “Protocol”
  • signald-go is mostly generated. See tools/generator/main.go.
  • aiosignald is in large part generated. See