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This type can contain the following fields:

field type info
addFromInviteLink int The access level required in order to join the group from the invite link, as an AccessControl.AccessRequired enum from the upstream Signal groups.proto file. This is UNSATISFIABLE (4) when the group link is disabled; ADMINISTRATOR (3) when the group link is enabled, but an administrator must approve new members; and ANY (1) when the group link is enabled and no approval is required. See theGroupAccessControl structure and the upstream enum ordinals.
description String
groupID String
memberCount int
pendingAdminApproval boolean Whether the account is waiting for admin approval in order to be added to the group.
revision int The Group V2 revision. This is incremented by clients whenever they update group information, and it is often used by clients to determine if the local group state is out-of-date with the server’s revision.
title String