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Represents a group change made by a user. This can also represent request link invites. Only the fields relevant to the group change performed will be set. Note that in signald, group changes are currently only received from incoming messages from a message subscription.

This type can contain the following fields:

field type info
delete_members List of v1.JsonAddress Represents users that have been removed from the group. This can be from admins removing users, or users choosing to leave the group
delete_pending_members List of v1.JsonAddress
delete_requesting_members List of v1.JsonAddress
editor v1.JsonAddress The user that made the change.
modified_profile_keys List of v1.GroupMember Represents users that have rotated their profile key. Note that signald currently does not expose profile keys to clients. The joined revision property will always be 0 in this list.
modify_member_roles List of v1.GroupMember Represents users with their new, modified role.
new_access_control v1.GroupAccessControl If not null, then this group change modified one of the access controls. Some of the properties in here will be null.
new_avatar Boolean Whether this group change changed the avatar.
new_banned_members List of v1.BannedGroupMember
new_description String
new_invite_link_password Boolean Whether this group change involved resetting the group invite link.
new_is_announcement_group String Whether this change affected the announcement group setting. Possible values are UNKNOWN, ENABLED or DISABLED
new_members List of v1.GroupMember Represents users have been added to the group. This can be from group members adding users, or a users joining via a group link that required no approval.
new_pending_members List of v1.GroupPendingMember Represents a user that has been invited to the group by another user.
new_requesting_members List of v1.GroupRequestingMember Represents users that have requested to join the group via the group link. Note that members requesting to join might not necessarily have the list of users in the group, so they won’t be able to send a peer-to-peer group update message to inform users of their request to join. Other users in the group may inform us that the revision has increased, but the members requesting access will have to be obtained from the server instead (which signald will handle). For now, a get_group request has to be made to get the users that have requested to join the group.
new_timer int New disappearing messages timer value.
new_title String
new_unbanned_members List of v1.BannedGroupMember
promote_pending_members List of v1.GroupMember
promote_requesting_members List of v1.GroupMember
revision int The group revision that this change brings the group to.